Surya Namaskar-inspired full body workout

Surya Namaskar-inspired full body workout

Surya Namaskar-inspired full body workout | Lifestyle - Times of India Videos

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Surya Namaskar-inspired full body workout

Updated : Feb 23, 2021, 13:18 IST2303 views

Many people think that the ‘Surya Namaskar’, or the sun salutation as it is called in English, is just an exercise that strengthens your back and your muscles. So often, we have heard myths about how it's not good for your joints and muscles. But people often fail to realize that any form of exercise needs a good and accurate posture to be maintained and if it is not done, injuries are inevitable.However, Surya Namashkar push-up is a full-body workout to accelerate your entire physical system and everyone and anyone can benefit from this without having to step out of their comfort zone. Here is a video by certified fitness trainer Suraj Shetty where he has shown 6 variations to the traditional Surya Namaskar that can help transform your entire body. The best is that the workout does not need equipment. Here are a few bonus benefits of regularly practicing the routine.- Strengthens muscles and joints- Revitalizes skin and complexion- Reduces anxiety- Improves the functioning of the digestive system- Helps deal with insomnia- Promotes weight loss- Regulates menstrual cycle

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